Slovenia 2017

In May some of the club members embarked on DURC’s first club trip abroad, to Slovenia. Why Slovenia? Well it’s cheap, a lovely country and there’s plenty to do, as we found out!

Staying in the remote village of Lesce, in a youth hostel with what could only be described as having everything you could possibly need, whilst offering all manner of activities right up a DURC member’s street; from white water rafting, mountain biking, canyoning, skydiving etc. So naturally we had to sample such activities…

Within a few miles of Lesce lies lake Bled, where the group ventured down to, whether this be by bike or by shuttle bus on the first day. Members chilled on the beach seen in the distance of the photo below, did paddle-boarding, swam, with a large group swimming around a kilometer (there and back) in total between the beach and the island located in the center of the lake, home to a church visited during pilgrimages. On the same day, the castle (from which this photo was taken) was hiked up to, in very high temperatures (something the Scots evidently weren’t used to…), giving a lovely view of the lake and the surrounding waterfront.

Ashley's Pic
Lake Bled, taken from atop the castle.
Bled 2
Lake Bled from the beach










Also visited was the nearby Lake Bohinj, where a hike up to the mountains in the distance was undertaken by part of the group, eventually reaching a large waterfall. Others tested themselves on the more difficult (compared to British) climbing routes beside the lake, doing a mixture of lead climbing, abseiling and bouldering. Members also delved in kayaking, rowing and swimming as well as generally relaxing by the lake edge and even napping on the waters’ edge. Two of our members even took a cable car to the highest point in the mountain range surrounding the lake.

Lake Bohinj
Bohinj Climbing
Climbing at Bohinj
Bohinj- Top
Lake Bohinj- taken from atop the neighboring mountains











In true DURC fashion, plenty of adrenaline rushing activities were undertaken, below are a few images as well as a video made by our very own Junjie taken from a day of rafting and canyoning, as well as skydiving!

Whilst others were out Canyoning and getting their adrenaline fix, some of us took a leisurely stroll around Vintgar Gorge, located in the close vicinity of Lake Bled:

Group photo taken from above the waterfall at Vintgar Gorge


Yes we did actually do some hiking, well some of us…

Some members took to the mountains of Slovenia, both for hiking and some climbing. Looks like they had a good time!

Mali Draški vrh from Pokjiuka
Mali Draški vrh from Pokjiuka
Group photo- Mali Draški vrh from Pokjiuka
Group photo- Mali Draški vrh from Pokjiuka


All in all, everyone had a brilliant time and it couldn’t have gone smoother. If you missed out this year, have a chat to people who went and more importantly keep an eye out on Facebook at:  for any news on a potential trip abroad this time next year!